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This web site is dedicated to 7th sea RPG.
There are many good sites about that game but few have pictures.
I have surfed the net looking for those pictures and found them in comics, movies, old books, etc.

If you are offended by the fact a picture you own appears here, please let me know. I will remove it immediately.


Below every picture, I have included a small story. You are free to ignore, copy, modify or even do not read them. They are just suggestions.

However, if you like them and would like to learn more about those people please let me know, I'll be happy to develop them in a GM only section.

01/05/2001 I am back from vacation and I just gathered some pictures from two movies : "Vatel" and "le roi danse". Both movies are great for 7th sea and you should check them out if you get a chance.

01/08/2001 I have just made a page with pictures from my vacation in France. I doubt that many of you will be interested by it.

01/12/2001 I have made a new page on clothing for 7th sea.

01/25/2001 That's it. I have modified the size of many pictures and the pages should be much quicker to load now.

01/25/2001 The Courtisan page has been updated with background and new information on shoes.

02/06/2001 A new section has been added about two places in Theah. One is famous for its perfumes the other one for the glassware.

02/11/2001 I've just corrected a few typos today. Actually my girl friend did it. (thanks Brenda) :)