The Clothing At 7th Sea or How To Be A Hero With Style
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  Male accessories

Gloves are an essential part of every gentleman's outfit, as well as muffs, which are worn with a band around the waist, and carried in front.
Gloves are especially important for Montaigne sorcerers in order to hide their blood red hands. Lately all Montaigne noblemen wear gloves even if they are not sorcerers.

Canes are also in fashion. They are usually highly decorated and in certain cases made of precious woods incrusted with jewels.
Canes are a necessity for a gentleman eager to walk in town. He uses it to push the people that are in his way, defend himself if need be, move an object without actually touching it or beat his servants if they do not work hard enough.

Fabrics are different depending on the country of origin.
In Montaigne, for example, nobles will wear only velvets, brocades and silks.
In Avalon, noblemen will wear also fine worsted wool.

Court garments are often embroidered all over with gold or silver metal threads.

Expensive laces complete a costume and are worn in abundance, on the cuffs of the shirts and the collars

A hat is an indispensable part of the gentleman's costume. However it can just be carried and not worn, especially if the wig does not allow it to be worn.

They are usually very broad with one side elegantly bent. They are also often adorned with plumes. Those are usually white but can be of any color. White feathers are the most common but the most expensive ones come from giant flying snakes or griffins.
Many hunters wear such plumes as trophies from an Island of the Beast hunt.
The hats are also usually adorned with metal braids or silver and gold lace.

Lastly, a new hat has appeared in Montaigne and is won by many soldiers in the army. It is called a tricorne and is becoming quite popular among the lower class and the merchants.
This hat is indeed cheaper and more practical than the huge hats worn by nobility.


It is quite fashionable for young men to have long hair and have it styled in locks. It is often tied in the back with a small ribbon bow.
However, not everyone has hair long enough for that and many men wear beautiful wigs and keep their hair shaved or cut very short in order to be able to wear the latest styles.
The wigs have become very fashionable since the Emperor de Montaigne has begun to wear them. Some people have said that he was indeed getting bald. Since that day, the Charousse wig maker guild has made a lot of money since every noble man now wants a wig.
Two wigs are especially fashionable:
- The Fontange : a very long wig with luxuriant curls that draws forward over the shoulders. It is associated with active behaviors like hunting, riding, the war, etc.
- The periwig: this wig is very impractical and it is impossible to wear a hat with it, the hair is raised very high above the head and divided in two. The periwig is worn mainly at court.
Due to the difficulty to make such complicated wigs, they are very expensive.

Boots and shoes
Noblemen wear boots made of cordovan leather with a large piece of butterfly shaped leather holding gold or silver spurs.
The other boots are made of cowhide, they are more durable nut heavier.
Boots are usually worn for riding or by the military.
Castillan men, however, usually wear boots as a symbol of the fact they are at war.

In order to protect the shoes from dirt an additional sole made of wood or thick leather can be added.
Boots are usually chestnut, dark brown, or black.

Shoes are ankle high and closed with satin ribbons or leather latchet ties for low class.
Shoes can also be closed by buckles or both buckles and ribbons.
The buckles are considered as jewelry and can be transferred from one pair of shoes to another one.
They are made of leather or waxed leather.

Court shoes heels are often 2 inches high. The higher the class the higher the heels. This applies also to the boots.
Heels are made of wood or cork covered with leather.

Noble shoes are usually white or beige at court and brown or black elsewhere.
Low class shoes are always brown or black.
Many noble men have their heels painted red, no one but nobles are allowed to wear red heels, this is a law in Montaigne. Many courts follow Montaigne fashion and many foreign courts but of course Castille does not follow it.

Slippers are mules and made of brocade or silk. They are similar for men and women.

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